Ponytail Style – A Quick Guide

13 Sep

Simple, yet stylish:  the ponytail is practical and sassy.  It’s one of the main hair trends this autumn/winter and you can DIY with this easy-to-follow guide.


  • Easy to wear
  • Secure
  • Comes in a variety of styles
  • Can style it in a number of ways
  • Can use over and over again

Synthetic ponytails can give you instant length to your hair. They come in many different styles, from curly, wavy, kinky to poker straight!  Here’s an example of a romantic-curl style available in-store now!

Just find one that matches your haircolour  and fix it either by drawstring of using a butterfly clip:

Voila – a ponytail in seconds! But that’s not where it ends – the attaching of the ponytail is just the beginning of the different looks you can have if you just dare to desire.  The real fun begins when you style your ponytail to suit you!  Let’s have a look at some celebrity inspired ponytail styles:

Get a ponytail with curls at the bottom and place high on your head like Katy Perry.

Follow the lead of Glee star Dianna Argon and go for a loose wave look.  You can have a similar style using a synthetic ponytail, which are especially popular for going out and can spruce up an outfit without the extended effort of using curlers.  Also, synthetic ponytails have the advantage of retaining the curl or wave not only through the night but for months and years depending on how well they are maintained and used.

Another way of wearing a ponytail is just below the middle of your head so you can bring the ponytail across your shoulders, as Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks as done.

Lauren Conrad wears a wavy ponytail with style and ease, showing you can wear it however you desire.

To sample some ponytails before you buy, visit: Desire, 92 Academy Street, Inverness, IV1 1LU.

Tel: 07958 673353

Email: desireinverness@gmail.com


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